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 The Soo Hwa Wu Sing Chuan Kung Fu system utilizes principles from both northern and southern Chinese systems. This allows the practitioners the ability to defend themselves from four distances: long range or kicking range: mid range or punching range: close range or the clinch and trapping range; and ground fighting. Students will learn theories and usage of trapping, multiple strikes, linear, circular, and angular attacks and defenses. They will learn how to use their natural body motions in various defensive situations. Training techniques include Chi Sau, Iron Palm, Chin Na, Chi Kung and hands on reflex drills inside the facility as well as in environmental training. 

Our Classes

Our Classes

Lil Dragons (ages3-5) Coming Soon

Dragons - 6:00pm Children's Classes (ages 6-11) are geared toweards child safety, bully prevention, self defense, self discipline as well as learning traditional kung fu. We try keep instruction easy and fun to help keep the child's attention and to reinforce Christian Morals.

Adult Classes 7:00pm (ages 12-up) arent adults perse but allow teens and larger kids that dont fit in with the Dragons  anymore. Adult classes focus on traditional kung fu, self defense and self discipline . Our training style is more combative and physical to prepare the students for our dangerous world.

Tai Chi- Coming Soon 

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Join Us

We will strive to make your martial arts experience as enjoiable as possible while teaching you traditional kung fu . Our focus is self defense for every situation backed up with Christian Values

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